Gloomy November, grey, rainy and coldish, a very nice day for brooding.  Leaves are mostly gone and so are the birds.  You feel like leaving to…but your wings are much, much, more expensive and they don’t have to go through security  nor ever more inquisitive U.S. border guards.



When Quebec held two referenda on it’s wish to become independant, the conditions were negociated with our Federal government and things went smoothly.  Twice the No won, although, the second time, with a very slim margin..  When Scotia held it’s independance referendum, London and Glasgow agreed on how it would proceed.  The No won.

Why can it not be the same with catalunya?

La vie est étrange!

Voilà près d’une année que j’ai mis mon grain de sel ici.   Ce matin, j’ai écrit un commentaire sur mon mur –Face de bouc– (comme dirait les Bodins)-  et je reçois une note que mon fils s’est abonné à ce blog???  Je suppose que cela confirme que plus je vieillis, plus mon archéologue de fils va s’intéressé à ce que je fais ou ne fais pas.

Pourtant, les sujets de commentaires ne manquent pas par les temps qui courent.  Les deux étranges personnage à la tête de deux pays nucléaires, nos gouvernants subjuguer par les femmes voilées,  les producteurs et artistes qui croient devoir reproduire les scènes de cinéma hors de l’écran, etc…  Un blogueur sérieux serait au clavier 24/24 et 7/7.

Je vais faire un effort pour que mon fils ait, désormais, quelque chose à lire.

What the hell is going on?

When I was a kid,  my Greek immigrant father used to listen intently over short wave radio to a raging guy, he sounded like that to my 8 years old ears, but I understood nothing of his German linguo.  My dad frowned, usually got up after the speech and went to a large map pinned to a wall in our home.  He then drew lines on it and stuck more colored pins muttering, in Greek, something sounding like « KAKA ».  I realized later that the raging guy was Hitler and that my father was drawing the Wermacht and Panzer divisionen  progresses.

Meanwhile, we now know that the whole of Europe was dithering and playing chicken with Germany.  Today, I look at the world scene and my 85 tears old ears and eyes witness events that bring back  that feeling of my 8th year.  In the U.S. a guy by the name of Donald Trump is appealing to the same emotions that lead to the Kristallnacht.  In Europe, the far right is gaining momentum and the E.U. is straining at the seams.  Meanwhile, Turkey is playing a dangerous game in Iraq and Syria, fighting everybody at the same time even those who should be it’s allies and who are the only ones to, in some places, having the upper hand on Daesch.

Meanwhile, Putin wheels and deals in strange ways and seems to enjoy it so much that he was even pictured smiling (something very wrong here).  Somehow Israel and Palestine have vanished from front pages.  As for Africa, as usual, save for snippets about Boko Haram or the Shebbabs, it is forgotten and left to it’s own devices.  Maybe they are better off this way?

Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, squares it off by proxy, of course, with Iran and North Korea roars like the proverbial mouse. Could China be waiting to pick up the pieces?

I’m worried.

Back in the cold

Last week, the wife, my daughters and I, of course, we enjoyed the warmth 
of Fort Myers Beach, Fla, and the wonderful Gulf of Mexico.
I guess the Gulf must be shy because in turned all red while we were there.
Seems the Army Corps of Engineers resolved to dump farm affluents and other 
polluted waters from Lake Okeechobee into the Calusahatchee (or something like
that).  Said river ends up in the Gulf near the Gullwing resort were we were.
And they called that a "conservation project", go figure.

On the war path

For a certain time now my friends in blogland and on Facebook are taking a more militant tone.  The recent events are certainly cause for concern.  I must admit that I share that sentiment.  We are facing fanatics , some of our own creation, let’s face it, who have run out of control.   People my age remember, younger ones have learned, what appeasement resulted in with Hitler and other extremists of those years.

Our present day fanatics are even more dangerous since they cloak themselves with a heavily distorted  religious mantle.  Thus, they give themselves the right to anything in the name of God and spare themselves of guilty feelings.  A nice defense mechanism that my former work with juvenile delinquents acquainted me with.

I’m afraid, grandfather that I am, that our countries will not be very longer able to not put boots on the ground, be they those of my 20 years old grandson.  Once again the canon would seem to be the only available solution.  Won’t we ever learn.

Ah! The smell of gunpowder

Some time before our last Canadian general election, our former Conservative government signed a 14 billion dollar agreement with Saudi Arabia for light armoured military vehicles. A U.S. company with a branch in London, Ontario, got the contract to produce those vehicles over the next 14 years (the Conservatives lost the riding anyway). The families of 2000 workers are sure to have their bacon for the same period

Now, while the world reacts, albeit cautiously, to same Saudi execution of 47 « undesirables », our sunny ways liberal government says itself disappointed by these deaths .  Could it have been otherwise without jeopardizing that lucrative agreement?

Now, with S.A. flexing its muscles and Iran stirring, don’t we have the very nice prospect of neat little war…of religion, thus taking our eyes off the goings on in Israel, Lebanon, Syria and few other hot spots?  And what luscious plums to befall our military-industrial complex on both sides of our, as yet, unwalled border…unless, of course, the Donald or the retired neurosurgeon are elected to the U.S. presidency next November.


Hello again

Sledpress has pushed me into writing again by recently registering as a follower. I guess I must, therefore, give her something to follow. I must admit that I had lost motivation and energy to keep up this blog.
However since my heart surgery last April my energy has been steadily coming back and I guess I can write again. I will not, as previously, focus on a particular area but I will wander, I love wandering.
For instance, last night being New Year’s Day, I took wife, daughters and granddaughter, all of 9 years old, on a trip through Montreal streets looking for the usual Christmas lighting and decorations. I figured it would be fantastic with all the 30 centimeters of fresh snow.
Well, there were next to no lights, scarce decorations and the snow had turn dirty grey. What a let down.
Even the downtown streets were empty. I must be getting old…but something seems to have been lost.

Screw tightening

Our new goverment is pulling all the stops in order to control it’s expenses.  As very often occurs, the small ones are paying the heaviest price.  Admitting that many enterprises have had tax credits cuts, they will survive.  Cutting help to community organisations is another matter since they service the most destitute among us.  When you operate on a shoestring budget, shortening the string can be fatal to the organisation and the people it helps.

But then, comfortably seated in the National Assembly and it’s committee rooms, that is so far away;  you don’t even see outside.